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Picture of Josh in the Shower
Me wearing my bib at Skyline Chili in Cincinnati, OH
Sarah wearing her bib at Skyline Chili in Cincinnati, OH
A happy picture of Chris and Beth
Josh and Heather looking cute
Pic when I was at the Hubert Humphrey Metrodome in Minnesota to see the Mariners
Sarah standing in front of Cinergy Field in Cincinnati
Sarah trying to get away from the camera
Sarah after a rough night of drinking
FUNNIEST picture of Sarah ever. She looks like satan took over
Sarah with my nephew Louis
Looks like I am reading for snow football
Team picture mudvolley ball in 2000
Me just being goofy


(updated 2/23/2002)

Jen and Stroh on Valentines night before dinner
Sarah and I before dinner on Valentines day
Sarah, Jen, Stroh chillin at sarahs house.
Poker night at Chris's parents house
Megan giving a smile to the camera
Brett acting like an idiot once again(Imagine that)
Chris enjoying some Tupac(Alize) while holding his winnings
Brett using the alize bottle to improve his area
Brett showing the females how to do it
Brett taking a leak in the bathroom,..ooopps is the door open
I think brett is wiping the pee off his pants
Brett and a classic humping shot on kirk...sweeeet
Josh enjoying the Superbowl 2002(Thatta kid)
Beth, Kevin, Chris, Brett and I(not pictured) getting ready for to play poker at Chris's
The boys enjoying some Alize once again
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