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Applet Parameters

<applet code="navtool.class" width=500 height=65 MAYSCRIPT>
<param name=NavTool value="Free for non-commercial use">
<param name= value="by Toh Lik Khoong">
<param name=font value="Helvetica">
<param name=fontstyle value="1">
<param name=size value="12">
<param name=target value="_blank">
<param name=bgimage value="logo.gif">
<param name=bgcolor value="FFFFFF">
<param name=titlewidth value="160">
<param name=xorigin value="0">
<param name=yorigin value="0">
<param name=hcolor value="7799FF">
<param name=hfontcolor value="000000">
<param name=nfontcolor value="000000">
<param name=mfontstyle value="0">
<param name=msize value="9">
<param name=hmfontcolor value="FF0000">
<param name=nmfontcolor value="000000">
<param name=menu0 value="General Information">
<param name=menu0item0 value="Main Page">
<param name=menu0item1 value="Bug Report">
<param name=menu0item2 value="Frequently Asked Questions">
<param name=menu0item3 value="Order Form">
<param name=menu0url0 value="index.html">
<param name=menu0url1 value="bugreport.html">
<param name=menu0url2 value="faq.html">
<param name=menu0url3 value="orderform.html">
<param name=menu1 value="Java Resources">
<param name=menu1item0 value="">
<param name=menu1item1 value="The Java Boutique">
<param name=menu1item2 value="JavaPowered">
<param name=menu1item3 value="HotScripts">
<param name=menu1url0 value="">
<param name=menu1url1 value="">
<param name=menu1url2 value="">
<param name=menu1url3 value="">

NavTool : Credits. Do not remove! This will be removed for commercial web sites. : Credits. Do not remove! This will be removed for commercial web sites.
font : Font
fontstyle : Font style. Plain = 0; Bold : 1; Italic : 2; Bold + Italic : 3
size : Size of the font
target : Default target frame or windows for all links. Please click here for more information.
bgimage : Background image.
bgcolor : Colour of the background in hexadecimal. This would also be the background colour for transparent gifs
titlewidth : Width for the menu titles
xorigin : Starting X coordinate of the menu titles
yorigin : Starting Y coordinate of the menu titles
hcolor : Colour of the menu title when highlighted
hfontcolor : Font colour of the menu title when highlighted
nfontcolor : Font colour of the menu title in hexadecimal
mfontstyle : Fontstyle of menu items
msize : Font size of menu items
hmfontcolor : Font colour of the highlighted menu item
nmfontcolor : Font colour of the menu item
menu(n) : Menu title
menu(n)target : Hyperlink target for all items in the menu. Overwrites "target"
menu(n)item(m) : Menu item
menu(n)url(m) : Hyperlink for the menu item
menu(n)target(m) : Hyperlink target for the menu item. Overwrites "target" and menu(n)target