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Another good year gone by....Minus some friends we had a good time. Did a little gambling, took a few pictures, drank a few drinks, and some of us got really sick the next day(ME). In the end it was another wonderful time. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. This could be the start to a good life for a lot of people. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! And yes I was the first person in the Dekalb McDonalds in 2003, Who's your daddy....

I am getting the camera ready with a quick pic, brett didn't make it in time.
First picture with chris in it
A serious picture with Brett and Megan, betcha I will hear about this one
Brett chillin, enjoying the strawberry shortcake drink made exclusively from my new mixer.
The boys getting in one of there many pictures for the night
Chris enjoying a snack, maybe not the snack you are thinking of
Chris and his new 9ers golf towel, NOT DISH TOWEL!!!!!
Getting ready for the start of poker
Another gem of a group poker picture
Brett warming up the smokers lungs, look at those cheeks get red....
The boys enjoying there classic alize at and the stroke of midnight
The girls doing something(I don't know how this got on my camera)
Chris giving me the thumbs up that "HE IS OK"
Me taking a picture of stroh taking a picture
Brett saying NO TO DRUGS, or something of that nature
Another picture of the girls looking blitz, WOW alot of captain morgan got drank
Here is brett getting in on the Lesbian action... Thattaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kid