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apMenu Applet

Copyright (C) Anton Pletnyov, 2000

apMenu - very small (3.9Kb), fast applet for vertical/horizontal menu with impressive mouseover and fade effects. It supports colors, fonts, tiled image background, target frames and 5 different fade types. It is flexible, easy-to-use and free. Java source code is available. Download -

Sep 15, 2000 - apMenu v1.01

* Image background - parameter "backPic"
* 4 new fade effects - parameter "fadeType"
* Text alignment for vertical menu - parameter "alignText"
* Hand cursor
* "status" parameter - defines appearance of browser status bar (item text or item link)
* Multiframe support

Sample HTML Source
more apMenu examples and parameters

<applet Code="apMenu.class" Archive="apMenu.jar" Width="600" Height="37">
<param name="isHorizontal"  value="true">
<param name="backPic"       value="pix/java.gif">
<param name="fadeType"      value="3">
<param name="backColor"     value="FFFFFF">
<param name="backHighColor" value="aaaaff">
<param name="fontColor"     value="800000">
<param name="fontHighColor" value="FFFFFF">
<param name="font"          value="TimesRoman,17,1">
<param name="menuItems"     value="
    {Java Soft,,_blank}
    {Mail me,,_self}">


This applet may be used freely for noncommercial purposes. However free version displays apMenu url in the browser's status bar. It is a violation of license agreement to intentionally overwrite this message. The applet will disable this item, when running from local drive only. If you want to use the applets on a commercial site you need to order the registered version of the apMenu. The purchased version does not display the apMenu url. Also you can order the Java source code of the apMenu. For more informations see apMenu Order Page.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the applet, email Anton Pletnyov at If you already use this applet on your site, you can mail me your link and I'll place it on apMenu Home Page.

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