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Now, yet another party. And we end in infamy. We party like animals and and kill like animals. We still seem to have this attachment to have anger and fights. Yet it is no ones fault. Some people tend to do somethings that make life hard. To all the graditude I owe everyone that sticks by me and everyone else. Thank you!!!

A glim picture of T walking to get her name read at Graduation
A picture of Sarah(if you can spot her walking up the platform
Blurry picture of Sarah walking accross shaking hands
Picture of sarah in her gown afterwards
Picture of T in her gown afterwards
Picture of Sarah & T afterwards
Sarah and T with there graduation Cake
The boys posing with the Alize(2pac)
Another picture of us getting ready to toast
The bros taking the first drink of the Alize on the night
Yaman giving his classic funny faces.
Megan and Chris battling it out in ping pong
A picture of Chris, which looks like he is pissed (who knows why?)
Brett and Josh(enough said)
Myself humping the treadmill for some reason
Chris and I getting in a fame shot
Brett and Josh giving a classic shot in
The bros tossing back the alcohol during poker
The boys giving a cheers
Brett lapping it up like a dog