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Brett giving his rendition of WAZZZUP!!
Brett giving kirk a good time
Another picture of brett messing with kirk
Yet another of brett trying to get kirk to suck his wang!
Brett trying to get some tongue from kirk
Jared having relations with the dancing gopher, and brett looks stoned
The boys giving a cheer in a awkward way
Chris having a good time with his buddy Mike (Hard lemonade anyone??)
Megan and Jen look like there having a good time
Jen and stroh having relations
Me, making fun of sarah and josh looks likes he's asleep

Night before Cubs Game 4/20/02

A Group picture playing poker(Somewhat)
Brett and I making are faces(Imagine that)
Chris getting Camera shy Beth
Chris getting a close up shot of Josh(Yaman)
Chris the human advertisment agency
Josh and Brett making faces
The bros picture(and brett is acting normal, A MUST SEE!!)
Brett and Chris's arm pointing to josh's crotch
A better picture of Brett and Chris pointing at Josh's crotch
Josh after telling us he wasn't going to bed
A close up shot of the last picture
A picture of Josh that looks like he is making love to the couch
A picture of Josh eating the couch

Brett's Fire/Party at his house, July 4th, 2002
Chris and I, with brett's chin giving a whazzzzuuuupp!!
Chris and I once again making goofy faces, josh and brett actually normal faces
Picture of Kirk sleeping, what new!!! No one was talking to him....
You judge for yourself
The girls with all devil eyes, acting normal as usual(lighten up)
Chris and Josh enjoying the evening
All the mens give a big WAZZUUPP
All the mens give a big WAZZUUPP again

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